Drashti Dhirwani


Senior Sustainable Design Specialist


  • Drashti helps create innovative solutions for high performance, zero net energy building design throughout the entire design process
  • Utilizes software programs to predict and improve the energy performance of projects using data, research, and informed hypotheses
  • Collaborates with clients and key team members to ensure that projects reach their highest potential for energy performance and sustainable design

An Environmental Focus

Drashti recognizes that all clients can benefit from sustainable design, regardless of their views:

“As a design firm, we need to continue creating projects that are environmentally responsive, including focusing on the health and wellness of design occupants,” she explains. “Client opinions about sustainability may vary, but it is up to us to lead them to high performance building excellence. For example, our K-12 clients want us to be innovative when designing buildings and the corresponding environments that inspire students. Our corporate clients, however, want a comfortable and productive space for the building occupants that complies with larger city goals. Regardless, everyone cares about building operating costs, and we can lower this cost by reducing the energy consumption on our projects.”

Worldly Inspirations

Drashti remembers that her passion for sustainable design stems from one particular college experience. “I had one of those moments during my last year of Bachelor’s study. For summer break, I went to a beach in India and ended up seeing an onshore windfarm along the coast that was really, really fascinating. That scene was so powerful that it pushed me towards working on climate action; it makes me proud and to want to work even harder.”