Erin Prestileo


Director of Site Design


  • Erin serves as the firm's Director of Site Design, managing a team with responsibility for site layout, grading, utility design, stormwater management, sanitary system design, and plan detailing 
  • Excels at collaborating with and coordinating many teams and disciplines to ensure organization throughout the project 
  • Harnesses her construction experience and knowledge throughout the civil design process; emphasizes the importance of spending as much time as possible in the field 
  • Contributes to SMMA’s Construction Administration Committee to address issues that arise in the field, improve processes, and raise standards

Organized Approach to Complex Educational Projects

SMMA’s work on Winchester and Wellesley High Schools are highlights for Erin. “In both cases, the front-end design and permitting required involvement with multiple stakeholders, including town departments and committees,” explains Erin. “I learned a lot from this direct interaction with the communities.” 

As with other projects, Erin drew on her organized nature to help coordinate communication throughout the entire design and construction process.

“I’m definitely a list-maker; I try to be as methodical as I can,” she says. “This is how I help the team stay on top of everything, prevent any communication breakdowns, and motivate all of us to move toward the finish line faster.”