Genevieve Messina

Interior Designer


  • Genevieve collaborates with in-house and external engineers to establish unique and efficient design solutions
  • Leads design discussions with critical thinking, engagement, and the passion for discovery in order to accommodate all client needs and perspectives
  • Specializes in developing brand identities for organizations and their environments through the interior envelope; transforms ideas and concepts into functional, beautiful, and occupiable spaces while evoking client messaging through the lived experience
  • Actively visits sites and nurtures a hands-on design approach

Strength in Numbers

While on the job, Genevieve draws inspiration from her teammates and the design process.

“I don’t know if anyone has ever actually designed anything by themselves,” she simply states. “Even the most famous individuals work on teams of sometimes hundreds of people to create these beautiful pieces. It really does take a village, and you can’t downplay how wonderful it is to be able to learn from and work with fellow designers, engineers, and other experts in their fields.”

Re-envisioning Spaces

Genevieve’s passion for interior design began at an extremely young age, before she fully had a grasp on what design entailed. “As a kid, I was constantly rearranging my environment,” she recalls. “When I’d visit my grandmother’s house, even if she wasn’t home, she would know that I had been there because I’d rearrange all of her tchotchkes in her cabinets. Even in my own home, I would take out all of our dishes and put them in different places that I thought were better-suited. I’ve always just loved manipulating my environment to improve it.”

As she got older, Genevieve turned her keen eye for alteration towards corporate work: “I started wanting to create sustainable designs that positively impact the user’s experience, while also leaving a lasting impression on society. Now, years later, here I am!"