Hector Inirio

Design Technologist


  • Hector provides design and space-planning services and coordinates engineering disciplines and contractors throughout the design and construction processes
  • Assists architects with design technology tools; develops efficient standards and information management systems
  • Harnesses his approachable, energetic, and studied demeanor to promote greater collaboration and enable workflow improvements

Design Technology Shares

As a member of SMMA’s Design Technology Group, Hector promotes greater understanding and strategic use of technology platforms. The Group’s weekly “Design Technology Shares” have gained a popular following within the firm. “These are informal meetings open to the entire firm,” he explains.

“Someone shares a design technology innovation or roadblock they’re currently facing, and we all discuss the scenario and offer ideas for improvements. The shares sessions range from live troubleshooting to cutting-edge, industry-disruptive design solutions. Many times, there’s someone in the room who has experienced something similar and benefits from the solutions discussed.”


“The sessions are an effective way for new ideas to be implemented immediately,” says Hector. “We also gain more insight into our colleagues’ responsibilities and workflows.”

Early Influences

“My early childhood in the Dominican Republic involved many project site visits, and I drew a link between design and construction,” says Hector. "My family’s dream for me was for me to become an architect. Since those early days, I’ve enjoyed art, design, and computers, so I thought it only natural to follow a career that leverages all three.”