Jennifer Hayes




  • Jennifer is an assistant project architect based in SMMA's Providence, Rhode Island office who contributes to all phases of projects, from early schematic designs to construction administration
  • Draws from her background in interiors to deliver thoughtful, beautiful, and functional designs
  • Drives project success and ensures client confidence with her conscientious and organized nature, as well as her considered approach to design

Inspired at SMMA

When Jennifer first joined SMMA, she was excited to be a part of a integrated firm. She now deeply appreciates how easy it is to get feedback from engineers and other professionals."You can exchange thoughts and ideas during the very early, schematic stages," she says. "I haven't encountered any cons to the integrated firm model yet, and I don't expect to."

She was also pleasantly surprised by the diversity within her own field - architecture. "The range of expertise here at SMMA is really inspiring. I'm learning so much just by observing my colleagues' different interests and the ways that they approach the design process."

New Perspectives

Outside of work, Jennifer spends a lot of time sailing and visiting art museums. Thankfully, her home base of Providence is ideal for both pursuits.

"Neither of these hobbies connect directly to architecture," says Jennifer, "but they definitely inspire me to approach my work from a different angle. Immersing myself in the beauty of the water or a work of art helps me think differently and gives me a fresh outlook."