Jennifer Lyle

NCIDQ, Associate IIDA

Interior Designer


  • Jennifer coordinates among departments to ensure project goals are being met and maintained, and lends interior design guidance to SMMA’s Engineering team
  • Directly engages clients to review and strategize project needs and program elements; provides clients with multiple options for operation requirements
  • Specializes in building construction drawings; analyzes the technical requirements of client projects to guarantee that the space, furniture, and finishes are all cohesive and aesthetically appealing

Cultivating Relationships

Jennifer spends a lot of her time maintaining close relationships with her clients and making sure that they are exposed to every possibility SMMA can offer. “The most important thing is to find out what the client wants, and then what they need,” Jennifer explains. “It’s an interesting balance, because you want them to be acquainted with options that they don’t already know of as well as the ones they do know of. I focus on introducing new concepts while also making sure we maintain the client’s identity for their space.”

Jennifer also understands how to continue to grow her client relationships:

“People just want to be comfortable with us doing our job, and they don’t want to be left in the dark about project updates and communication. When the project is over, communication doesn’t end. It’s important to me to continue support, well after construction’s over and they’ve moved in.”

Strength in Discipline

Jennifer’s natural self-discipline has motivated her to do her best work. “I’ve always enjoyed balancing several things at once, starting from when I was first inspired to involve myself in both mathematics and creative subjects in high school,” says Jennifer. “I found myself thriving because I was able to be creative while also being technical, which is why I love interior design so much.”

Jennifer is also extremely disciplined outside of the office. “Running is my go-to, my stress reliever, my pick-me-up,” she states. “I’ve completed three half marathons and one full marathon. They were a lot of fun, but also a lot of work and dedication. Once each event was over, I was able to check it off the list and move on to the next goal. It keeps me going.”