Jennifer Soucy


Project Architect


  • Jennifer’s responsibilities include providing design services, team coordination, documentation organization, and construction supervision
  • Specializes in K-12 projects, including new construction and renovations
  • Excels at collaborating with and coordinating engineering specialists, specifically throughout the construction phase

Focus on Community

“School projects tend to be very complex,” says Jennifer. “They're based on a central design concept, which drives the entire project. This requires extensive coordination and team-wide organization, which are my strengths.”

An organized and detail-savvy designer, Jennifer has always wanted to work on school projects.

"Now that I’m a part of the K-12 Studio team here, there’s an added layer of meaning and excitement to my daily work, because I know it will benefit a lot of children and a greater community.”

Structured, Collaborative Approach

Jennifer says that, when it comes to coordinating a large team, it’s always good to have everyone in the same room on a regular basis. At an integrated firm, this happens more easily, preventing communication breakdowns. “I’m a quiet, introverted person,” she explains, “so I try to structure meetings to be as effective as possible. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. I find that these meetings are crucial to the project’s success.”