Jennifer Tedeschi


Interior Designer


  • Jen is an interior designer specializing in corporate and commercial spaces
  • Thrives at developing and renovating contemporary workplace designs that promote organizational productivity and collaboration, as well as define a corporate identity 
  • Leverages her background in hospitality to create welcoming, functional, and beautiful interiors
  • Strengthens client relationships with her upbeat, approachable demeanor 

Passion for Details 

Jen works on many large-scale projects, such as the programming and master plan for Talbots' Corporate Headquarters. “When designing these types of spaces, the details we select are incredibly important,” she explains, “but not as noticeable because there’s so much to take in all at once.” 

“It was a fun change of pace to work on a very small project: a powder room for JPMorgan Chase's Client Center. We designed custom tile patterns, a custom vanity, and many other details that make this space incredibly impressive and special. Because of its scale, visitors can take in every square inch of the design, a true jewel box. I believe that design lies in the details—and that this is true for all projects, large and small.”