Jessica Smith


Science & Technology Market Leader | Project Manager


  • Jessica draws on her architectural, engineering, and business administration backgrounds to manage the design of renovation, new construction, and tool hook-up projects for SMMA’s technology, corporate and commercial, and life science clients
  • Assists clients in master planning, programming, design, and construction administration, focusing on highly technical spaces such as clean rooms and data centers
  • Excels at connecting architecture and engineering teams to achieve a common goal   
  • Strengthens and grows newly established Technology Studio with flexible, multidisciplinary, and client-focused leadership style and commitment to continuous improvement
  • Oversees and enforces the requirements of the SMMA Quality System, to foster continual firm-wide improvements toward client satisfaction and design excellence

California Dreamin'

“Working on the EMC Corporation Mission Corporate Center in Santa Clara was a highlight for me,” she explains.

”The project was a turning point in my career and professional development, as I graduated from project architect to project manager. I relocated to California and served as the on-site design team representative for the fast-track renovation of the 300,000-square-foot campus, comprising offices, a data center, electronics labs, executive briefing center, fitness space, and cafeteria. Sitting alongside the construction team, I learned to read the design documents through their eyes—a skill that I now use daily, in my negotiations with contractors and in the leadership of my design teams.”

Passion for Professional Development  

Jessica is deeply committed to strengthening SMMA’s professional development offerings.

“When I first joined SMMA, I was involved in the pilot of our now-established mentor-protégé program,” she says. “It’s important to me to give back, and I really enjoy matching mentors with protégés based on their personalities and professional goals. We’ve seen tremendous success with this program, which is now an AIA Best Practice—and it’s very rewarding to see the partnerships connect, grow professionally, and promote a cross-discipline mindset throughout the company.” 


She also serves on the firm's Professional Development Committee and helped SMMA receive a Massachusetts state workforce-training grant. “We’re now only a few months into this program—and are excited to offer leadership and collaboration seminars and public speaking, technology, and writing classes over the next few years. It’s making training a priority for everyone in the company,” she says. “It’ll take some time, but I already see a strong cultural shift toward continuous learning by our employees.”