Jocelyn Fleming


Manager, Interior Design


  • Jocelyn’s responsibilities include overseeing interior design and programming for public and private-sector corporate clients 
  • Harnesses experience in conceptual space planning and furniture layout for a variety of corporate projects   
  • Excels at developing successful long-term relationships in which the SMMA and client teams collaborate closely to develop innovative, highly functional designs
  • Draws on her engaging and communicative nature to champion multidisciplinary teamwork

State Street Corporation 

Jocelyn has worked extensively with State Street Corporation, renovating interior corporate spaces in Boston and Sacramento. “It’s a very exciting opportunity to help a client grow and define their business space, as well as to learn together over the years,” she says.

“I recently reviewed a project that we completed in 2008. Because we know the intentions behind the original design, we’re able to maintain its integrity while renovating to the company’s new standards. We’re also well positioned to anticipate their future needs, and see—and address—problems they didn’t know they had. Our work with this client is a point of pride for me.”

Focus on Mentoring 

“The start of my career was somewhat unusual,” says Jocelyn, “because I was thrown straight into the fire. But I’m very grateful for this; I learned so much very quickly and gained confidence that this is the right path for me.” 

At SMMA, Jocelyn is devoted to mentoring younger interior designers.

“I try to always take a very hands-on approach and explain why we’re doing things a certain way. It’s wonderful that junior designers here are involved in all aspects of projects, from drawings to client meetings to site visits. My advice to them is to take every opportunity to listen, absorb, and assist. You have to be a sponge and soak up all that you can. And never be afraid to ask questions.”