John Alfeo


Manager, Electrical Engineering


  • John designs electrical systems for renovations and new construction projects
  • Performs load and short-circuit calculations; creates electrical distribution, fire alarm, and lighting control systems
  • Excels at working with clients to understand unique power requirements and designs efficient plans that best serves their needs
  • Enjoys designing for a variety of building types, especially larger, more electrically intense and intricate projects

Experience in the Field

“My brother is an electrician,” says John. “He started his own company when I was in college studying electrical engineering. I apprenticed with him, which helped me pay for school and gave me hands-on knowledge of electrical systems.”

“My experience working in the field as an apprentice was so valuable. During those years, I enjoyed laying cable and installing control devices, and now—when I’m looking at designs—I’m able to visualize how things will work. It’s also easier to pinpoint problems on paper, before they become problems in the field.”

Approach to Work

“Each project is unique, but my approach doesn’t change from job to job,” explains John. “First and foremost, I aim to do the best work I’m capable of. Second, I operate under the firm belief that clarity is vital to success; we have to be sure that our intent is clear to others, especially when it comes to a design that will be built by someone else. And third, I work to understand the client’s needs as deeply as possible, so that the end result meets their goals and leaves them satisfied. Seeing a project completed successfully is a great source of pride for me; reminding myself of this throughout the process makes it much more enjoyable.”