Joseph LeClair


Senior Architectural Designer


  • Joe’s skills and talent are utilized throughout the design process as a programmer, conceptual designer, master planner, and construction administrator 
  • Specializes in architectural and interior design for corporate and commercial and government work
  • Excels in and enjoys working one-on-one with clients throughout the front-end design process to deeply understand their goals, perspectives, and ideas  
  • Promotes an intensely collaborative and inclusive approach to design, believing that it’s an inherently collective process without any right answers

Success Story 

Throughout Joseph’s 25 years with SMMA, he’s worked on a substantial number of corporate and commercial projects. “The Keurig world headquarters project in Burlington was one that was challenging and exciting for me,” he says.  “It’s not common to have the opportunity to design 275,000 square feet of new construction from the ground up.” 

“Not only did this expansive space need to fulfill a lot of programmatic functions—offices, labs, common spaces, etc.— it was also a unique opportunity to help Keurig to define its corporate culture and demonstrate its vision to the outside world. We needed to completely understand this challenge, which encompassed numerous individual parts and pieces that would ultimately contribute to the success of the entire design. Like all projects, it was a truly collaborative, group effort—one that I believe was successful on all fronts.” 

Designing Solutions

Joe firmly believes that creative architecture is born from a problem or challenge. “Design is generated out of a condition of necessity,” he explains. One example of this is SMMA’s work on the Milton Landing condominium project at Neponset Wharf. “This building needed to blend contextually and aesthetically into the established historic, natural surroundings, but in an updated, contemporary way. We wanted to maximize the appeal of its location on an urban riverbed, so siting the building properly was a high priority. In the end, we designed a beautiful building that gently cradles the water, giving many of the units an absolutely stunning view.”