Karen Breslawski


Associate | Project Manager


  • Karen brings over 37 years of experience to the firm’s Federal Government Studio, specializing in project management for public sector projects such as government work, large agencies, municipalities, and housing
  • Cultivates strong client relationships through focusing on client goals and big picture concepts
  • Tactfully coordinates project schedules and budgets; is also experienced in leading architecture groups and departments towards success 

Big Picture Concepts

From her many years in the industry, Karen understands how to make her clients happy. “The client needs to understand the big picture,” she explains. “They’re always interested in the factors that affect them the most, such as schedule, budget, and making sure everything’s coordinated for seamless transitions and results.”

She also notes the unique needs of her government work. “Time management is especially significant to government and federal clients. They have fiscal years and specified budgets, so it’s important that their projects remain on track to accomplish the work according to the planned schedule.”

Based in Architecture

Though Karen’s main expertise is in project management, she has a versatile background that goes back as far as her college education.

“I think project managers are a type, just like designers. You discover what you’re good at and then you fall into that niche. Once you’re in it, you know — So even though I went to school for architecture and I appreciate great design, I wouldn’t call myself a designer. My passions reside in organization, viewing more holistic goals, and making sure things run smoothly. Though I chose a slightly different road to take, I use my education and the varying roles I’ve held over the years to help me integrate with various project teams and to better understand everyone’s needs and perspectives.”