Kendyl McEntee


Director of Human Resources


  • Kendyl leads the firm’s strategic initiatives, career and organizational development, employee relations, and employee engagement

  • Driven by an employee-first mentality and ensures that all initiatives are both intentional and impactful

  • Draws on her passion for wholistic wellness and positive thinking; provides coaching and guidance to initiate self-awareness, intuitive discovery, and informed objectives among staff

Developing SMMA's Talent 

Kendyl leads multiple efforts within the firm to advance employee development, such as offering strategic coaching and utilizing internal resources for educational opportunities.

“Because this is an integrated firm, employees here receive broad exposure to the different disciplines. This model builds more well-rounded, capable, and interested professionals,” she explains. “We seek to continue to elevate the best and the brightest who help SMMA push our industries forward. It’s an exciting place to be!”

A Culture for the Individual

Kendyl has found success in fostering organizational development through creating a defined workplace culture. Based on feedback gathered in online surveys revealing that employees seek out wellness opportunities in the workplace, she has produced a different wholistic wellness initiative for every month; these initiatives cover everything from learning stress reduction techniques to basic ergonomics. Having worked in a variety of industries and companies, Kendyl sees how unique SMMA is in its commitment to employee well-being and professional growth:

“Our firm has so many creative individuals that we need to establish environments that are not only comfortable, but that also optimize everyone’s craft. SMMA is incredibly open-minded; I was amazed and inspired when I first arrived at all the positive encouragement I received from Senior Leadership when it came to introducing new initiatives. They truly acknowledge the importance of the individual experience and serve as living examples of support and engagement to our staff.”