Kevin Stevenson


Architecture | Building Enclosure Commissioning Authority


  • ​Kevin specializes in construction administration and spends significant time at project sites
  • Coordinates information between all project team members and solves problems that arise in the field; supervises the construction team and sub-contractors
  • Supports the Commissioning team through quality-checking building enclosures and takes preventative measures to avoid enclosure failures.


Kevin guarantees the best quality of work for his architectural services and commissioning projects through a sense of self-accountability:

“I have a huge responsibility to make informed decisions at work, especially when it comes to exterior detailing. I always make sure that I’m well-informed about the performance of  our building enclosures involving the control of heat, air, and moisture, so that I can make better design and quality decisions for our clients and the building’s tenants.”

A Well-Oiled Machine

After joining the Commissioning team, Kevin found himself establishing his own unique relationships with long-time SMMA clients.

“It’s been wonderful to hear people express their comfort with our support on site,” he explains. “The construction manager always has a million things to do, but when we arrive for certain projects, there is always a mutual respect and trust in everyone’s different roles. It allows the different moving parts of the project and the people working on them to go about their work without having to worry about what everyone else is doing.”