Kristen Olsen


Associate | Project Manager


  • Kristen’s approach to project management is greatly informed by her previous experience as a project manager on numerous Federal and State Government projects. Having been in the client’s shoes, she knows that proactive engagement and swift response are critical to project success
  • Leverages her professional expertise in major renovations, new construction, and building infrastructure upgrades for large and small public sector projects, giving all significant weight, regardless of size or complexity
  • Keeps internal team on budget and on schedule by developing and maintaining detailed internal work plans and staying in touch with all project team members
  • Provides organizational oversight to ensure smooth project coordination, managing the myriad of details associated with contracts, consultants, costs, and design

On Public Service

Kristen’s move from government project management to SMMA’s K-12 and Federal Government studios reflects her desire to continue providing high quality federal, state and municipal projects. 

“As the daughter of a former service member and a past public servant, I have a deep-rooted respect for and understanding of public opportunities and challenges,” Kristen says. “Transitioning to SMMA meant leveraging my skills to serve the public in a new and valuable way.”

Taking Responsibility for Conservation

“Growing up and living in Europe, I was exposed to magnificent examples of public works and architectural icons that, having survived generations, continue to strengthen and inspire individuals and communities. Public buildings touch everyone’s lives at some point; they are open to everyone regardless of age, ethnicity or socio-economic circumstances, and they should last for decades. It is our responsibility to design towards that expectation, creating beneficial and beautiful buildings that can evolve over time.”