Kristin Norwood


Senior Specifications Writer


  • Kristin’s responsibilities include preparing construction specifications project manuals, which include project contracts, construction administration requirements, product  descriptions, and installation standards
  • Excels at researching, collecting, articulating, and organizing building assemblies, as well as ensuring accuracy throughout all documents
  • Serves as the firm’s resource for construction and materials specification questions, and also mentors junior colleagues interested in learning more about specifications writing
  • Harnesses her approachable, articulate demeanor and community experience to build strong professional relationships with clients, colleagues, and external consultants  

Tailored for Success

“At SMMA, construction specifications are made to order," says Kristin. “We delve deeply into the details of every project to ensure that nothing is omitted. The goal is to have the design drawings and the specifications work together cohesively.”

“Everything is hand-tailored,” she explains. “We customize for each specific project. Nothing is off the rack.”

Drawn to Specifications

When she joined SMMA, Kristin noticed the work of the firm’s previous specifications writer, and wanted to learn more about her role in the development of architectural design. “When I started, the spec writer on staff had been with the firm for a long time,” Kristin says. “I admired her and quickly recognized how important her skillset was to the design process. I also remember thinking that her job might be a good fit for me at some point in the future.”

“This career path wasn’t necessarily what I set out to do when I was an architecture student, but it’s worked out really well for me. I enjoy being a resource for others in the firm.”