Lana Prokupets


Manager, Mechanical Engineering


  • Lana provides design and quality control services for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems
  • Coordinates with architects and other engineering specialists to advance project success
  • Excels at designing and locating complex mechanical systems, especially those that include components visible to building occupants
  • Strengthens the Mechanical Engineering Department by providing feedback, answering questions, and inspiring a sense of ownership

Positive Outlook

“This work is challenging, and every project is different,” says Lana, “but that’s what makes it interesting. It can be difficult for others to understand that this work requires creativity. But we always have to think creatively—always. Designing effective and sustainable mechanical systems within a building requires a massive joint effort. I consider myself fortunate to be doing this, and to enjoy not only the work but the people I work with.”

Love for Travel

“I love to travel,” says Lana. “And I always find it interesting to compare what I see abroad to the work that we do. My family and I recently visited the Atomium in Brussels and went down the slide together. The entire time, I was wondering—out loud—about the structure’s ventilation system. My daughter still teases me about it.”