Maggie Kordonsky

Interior Designer


  • Maggie provides interior design services, currently focusing the majority of her time to one of SMMA’s larger national clients
  • Responsible for communicating with clients and managing documentation
  • Applies her dual training in engineering and interior design to advance successful coordination and collaboration on fast-moving projects
  • Draws on her energetic, goal-and detail-oriented approach to facilitate team communication and project delivery

Designing for Designers

SMMA recently redesigned a significant amount of its office space, and Maggie played a large role in bringing that project to a successful completion. “It was somewhat daunting to be a part of the design team for SMMA’s internal office renovation,” says Maggie.

“Designing for design experts has its own challenges! In the end, however, I was very excited for my colleagues to see our work. And the fact that they enjoy the space is very rewarding for me.”

Dual Approach

“I was excited to return to SMMA after working a few years at other firms,” explains Maggie. “I enjoy both the creative and technical aspects of interior design, so working alongside engineers is a great fit for me. I really like that there’s so much collaboration here, and that our team is large enough to support, mentor, and challenge each other.”