Mariana Hernandez




  • Mariana’s responsibilities include providing design services, supervising construction, and coordinating consultants and construction documents

  • Specializes in K-12 projects, including new construction, additions, and extensive renovations

  • Excels at working on the final details of projects, as well as collecting all the pieces to create a useful “big-picture" goal that ensures overall success 

  • Brings a practical, quality-based system to her work representing clients during construction

Passion for Educational Design

Mariana has contributed to many of SMMA’s K-12 projects, having worked on the design of the new Grafton High School, a feasibility study for Templeton Elementary School, and a RIDE Stage I Master Plan for the City of Pawtucket. “I enjoy the school projects because they involve so many details and technical considerations,” she says. “There’s a lot of problem-solving needed to get everything in sync.” 

One highlight is the Beatrice H. Wood School in Plainville. “Receiving positive comments from administrators, teachers, and community leaders means a lot—but it can’t compete with the reactions of the children. The Town hosted a parade for them to walk through the new school, and their pure joy and excitement is something that I will always remember and appreciate.” 

“The only way a project can come together successfully is to work together as a team. There aren’t many absolutes in our industry, but this is one. Our team was awe-inspiring…very flexible and able to adapt to meet the changing demands and tight schedule for the school’s opening,” explains Mariana.