Mark Spaulding


Senior Vice President


  • Mark provides design leadership firm-wide, working with SMMA clients and internal teams to develop creative solutions, from conceptual design to construction execution
  • Joined SMMA in 1981 and worked as a project architect and lead designer for corporate and commercial, institutional, and advanced technology facilities
  • Offers strategic direction and insight for securing community and regulatory approvals
  • Advances SMMA’s design excellence, character, and accomplishments
  • Believes that well-designed buildings are the “unsung heroes” of our physical environment 
  • Guides firm management and operations as a Principal and Board member 

Design Thinking

Urban design and its potential for economic impact, cultural enrichment, and community improvement are central to Mark’s design thinking. From his earliest career experiences in downtown Cleveland to his work at SMMA, designing urban projects in Boston's Fenway neighborhood, Providence's Capital District, and Charlestown's urban edge, Mark is adept at aligning community, client, and business goals to create successful outcomes.

“As more and more people seek to live in the world’s cities, we have the opportunity to resolve complex issues and competing needs through thoughtful, sustainable design.”

The Lyceum Fellowship

Mark serves on the Board of the Lyceum Fellowship, which was established in 1985 to advance the profession of architecture by engaging students in design and travel. Travel grants for winning proposals/designs are made during the students’ academic study years, thereby directly influencing their studies. The design programs to which students respond are developed by leading architects and are judged by jury members.