Melanie Chamoff


Interior Designer


  • Melanie provides interior design services for corporate, commercial, and advanced technology clients
  • Responsible for communicating with clients, coordinating engineering and design teams, managing construction documents, and liaising with contractors during construction administration
  • Excels at creating space planning that complies with local codes and accessibility requirements, promoting functionality and utilizing environmentally-friendly materials, finishes, and furnishings
  • Works with project architects, engineers, and clients to develop interior environments that promote wellness, productivity, and creative collaboration

Distinctive Corporate Culture

Melanie has worked closely with EMC Corporation on several corporate spaces, including office and laboratory construction and renovations in Massachusetts, California, New York, North Carolina, and Texas. “It’s been a great experience to work so closely with EMC’s real estate and global facilities teams, especially in helping them achieve their vision for corporate culture in their field offices,” she says. Her responsibilities have included establishing a new color palette and finishes to align with EMC’s branding.

“I take a lot of pride in the renovation we completed in EMC's New York City office,” she says. “We delivered a beautiful design for the space, making it a much better place to work. My favorite element of this project was working collaboratively with our engineers to coordinate building systems above the ceiling, to help maximize ceiling heights where existing conditions posed challenges. The design of the ceiling and lighting played a key role in wayfinding around the office. Once it was complete, I was struck by how this design made such a large impact on the employees’ and customers’ experiences in the space.”