Michael Bouchard


Project Architect


  • Michael integrates all disciplines—including SMMA’s experts and external specialty consultants—throughout the design and construction processes
  • Provides design, project architecture review, and construction coordination services for higher education, technology, and corporate and commercial clients
  • Fosters open communication among all disciplines, consultants, contractors, and stakeholders to ensure that all elements of the project are managed successfully
  • Mentors architecture team to deliver high-quality design rooted in a deep understanding of the big-picture processes and clients’ goals

Collaborative Approach  

“Our work creating the elevated field and parking facility at Worcester Polytechnic Institute is a highlight for me. The client had a very specific vision that needed to be achieved in a small amount of time,” Michael explains. “Because timing was so crucial, we focused on bringing all the players to the table and familiarizing stakeholders with the technical details as soon as possible. In the end, this was key to our success. Throughout our work on this project, the logic of a collaborative approach became clear to me.” 

Advice to Young Architects  

According to Michael, there are two absolutes when it comes to architecture: “It’s incredibly and endlessly interesting, and it’s also a career path that requires tremendous effort and responsibility. Young architects quickly realize that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day,” he says.

“But I believe that developing a sense of balance makes you a better architect. Focus on your passion for design and interest in the specific challenges presented to you—this is what motivates and energizes architects for the long run.”