Michael Fazio


Associate | Project Manager


  • Michael brings over 28 years of architecture experience to SMMA’s K-12 Studio
  • Manages all aspects of a project to ensure a timely and defined process from beginning to end
  • Provides a hands-on approach to build meaningful relationships with both team members and clients
  • Specializes in construction administration; creates unique solutions that both honor the original design intent and resolve in-field conflicts

Attentive to Communities

Prior to SMMA, Michael spent 10 years of his career working on K-12 projects. His love for the work is what inspired his current position. “This is a return back to my roots,” he explains. “I appreciate the community aspect of K-12 work, we’re creating architecture that benefits everyone: students, parents, educators, as well as the community at large.”

In fact, Michael always had a strong community focus that served as the catalyst to his architecture career:

“I was always fascinated by buildings as far back as I can remember. Around eighth grade, I started wondering about the individuals who were responsible for the buildings that surrounded me every day. I came to the realization that architecture was really the driving force of design behind all of our communities.”

Cultural Influence

As a child to Italian immigrants, Michael’s background has had a strong influence on his values and perspective.

“I traveled to Italy for the first time when I was five years old to visit my grandparents. It opened my eyes to travel, and more importantly, the world,” Michael says. “It also left an impression on me and the concept of architecture. It’s helped me contextualize the world we live in, while teaching me to appreciate old traditions. I also love to cook, so I make a lot of homemade recipes. Italian culture has really put an imprint on me and my outlook on life.”