Paul Elliott


Senior Plumbing and Fire Protection Engineer


  • Paul provides plumbing and fire protection design services for technology and corporate clients
  • Analyzes life safety and code requirements based on architectural and engineering documents, as well as on-site observations
  • Leverages his knowledge of life safety codes to offer solutions that contribute to cost-effective and aesthetically-designed solutions
  • Excels at earning client trust with his responsive, committed approach to projects

Drawn to Life Safety

“When I first began my undergraduate studies, I was in a civil engineering program,” says Paul. “I wanted to build bridges. But when I was introduced to fire protection, I realized that’s what I wanted to do. The prospect of protecting people, buildings, and communities was very appealing.” Throughout his career Paul’s fire protection background has combined well with his experience in plumbing.

Meeting Challenges

One project that stands out for Paul is 89 A Street. Although the above-ground systems were being replaced with new systems, the goal was to utilize the existing underground piping. “This existing building had very little documentation about its plumbing and fire protection systems,” he explains. Existing condition surveys were also very limited due to the current tenant occupying the building.

“It was challenging: We had a lot of guesses as to what was behind the walls, and where underground piping was located. We needed to make a lot of assumptions before any demolition work began.”


The project is ongoing, and Paul is eager to confirm his assumptions during construction administration.