Peter Glick


Civil Engineer


  • Peter is responsible for all aspects of site design, including master planning, stormwater management, and drainage and utility design 
  • Draws on his experience preparing documents for federal, state, and local agencies to ensure efficient permitting processes
  • Oversees civil engineering team in SMMA's Providence office; promotes intense collaboration among offices, disciplines, and teams
  • Thrives at establishing, growing, and maintaining strong client relationships via his diligent, organized, and team- and goal-oriented approach  

Focus on Client Relationships  

“One of the greatest joys of our work is the opportunity to help open-minded, inquisitive clients achieve their goals—and to do this for an extended period of time,” says Peter. 

“I’ve been working with Varian Semiconductor Equipment for almost 20 years and have contributed to several exciting, innovative projects, including the permitting and design for a wind turbine, the largest on the East Coast at the time. It’s a unique experience to help an organization change and grow over several years, especially one that we value so greatly.”

Laying the Foundation for Great Architectural Design 

Peter believes that site designers have two fundamental responsibilities. The first is to understand—and deliver on—the client’s objectives, a process that involves offering direction and explanation about what civil engineering expertise can provide. The second is to develop smart and innovative site plans that never hinder aesthetics, but instead improve them while offering greater options. 

“You never want an engineering system to dictate a project’s architectural possibilities or potential,” he explains. “It’s our job to ensure that it enhances the appearance and design goals. Everything should work together in unison.”