Peter Lukacic


Senior Associate | Manager, Landscape Architecture


  • Peter’s responsibilities include managing SMMA’s landscape architecture department, as well as providing site planning and design services for client projects
  • Enjoys designing for a wide variety of clients and projects, especially K-12, corporate and commercial, and higher education
  • Strengthens SMMA’s landscape architecture team by serving as a resource for the department and especially young designers, developing well-rounded, strategically minded landscape architects
  • Draws on his over 35 years of experience—as well as his considered, artistic, and solution-oriented approach—to ensure project success and strong client relationships 

Wellesley High School 

“I don’t have a favorite project,” says Peter. “Each one has its own challenges, and I’ve enjoyed solving all of them. Wellesley High School was particularly compelling, however. I think what I found so interesting about this project was the high amount of community input and involvement.” 

“It was an extremely constrained site with a lot of circulation challenges that needed to be addressed. But—more importantly—we needed to communicate effectively with the many different layers of the community,” he explains. “My colleagues and I served as the liaison between numerous groups. We grew to respect the Wellesley community—and enjoyed helping fulfill an important civic mission with them.”

Artistic Nature 

Peter remembers a distinct moment when he knew landscape architecture was the right path for him: “I was walking through UCLA’s campus where there is a series of buildings that create a courtyard. I realized that I was more intrigued by the space as a whole than the architecture of the buildings. I was more compelled by the spaces in between.” 

“At the time, landscape architecture was a very young profession, but I knew that I wanted to pursue it. With this type of design, I’m able to tap into my artistic nature,” explains Peter. “My love for dance, art, and music are all imbued into my designs. Elegant landscape architecture—and our movement throughout the space—is a kind of choreography.”