Peter Stockman



  • Peter brings over 40 years of experience in construction administration, project management, and quality control to SMMA’s Government Studio; he arrives from a background in Life Sciences, research laboratories, and corporate and technology institutions

  • Serves as a mentor for quality reviews during dynamic, high-end projects; engages with all disciplines to provide his expertise throughout the entire project cycle

  • Specializes in architectural components; is an established building envelope expert who guides the constructability process

The Basis of Design

Peter’s dedication to his deliverables is deeply rooted in awareness:

“Often times, working conditions dictate that the client occasionally detaches from the physical design process. They do so in confidence that we are working together towards a common goal. Since they are engaging in a professional service, it’s our job to communicate every aspect with a project team so that they don’t lose sight of the big picture. The production side can be exciting, but it needs to refer back to the basis of design in a way that results in everyone perceiving and participating in the final product.”

His knowledge of client expectations is further complemented by his readiness to involve all parties. “Clients see the energy in a studio environment, and then are usually left to wait for our product; it becomes a distant process to them,” Peter explains. “Design assist is a very definite component where the architect engages with third party individuals but then brings that directly to the client to inform them of opportunities, changes, and progress so that the design is in a way that's beneficial to all.”

A Lifetime of Sailing

Peter, who represents SMMA’s Providence office, also happens to be a Rhode Island resident.

“I live in Newport by choice,” he says. “I’ve always been community-focused. After sailing for over 40 years, being a part of their sailing community is very important to me. When you think about a sailboat and its functionality and performance, it’s quite the dynamic experience. It brings out your best characteristics and your quickest thinking. You have an objective, you want to go to point A, and the wind is coming from B. It’s never just a straight path to your destination, so your strategy and your mindset need to be ready to adapt as you go.”