Rafael Gurevich


Electrical Engineer


  • Rafael oversees quality control of power, lighting, fire alarm, security, sound system, and communications system designs for a variety of clients and projects 
  • Promotes a high level of attention to detail and quality, and fosters a culture of continuous professional development
  • Applies over 30 years of experience in feasibility studies, systems programming, electrical design innovation, construction documentation, specification writing, and construction administration 
  • Excels at designing electrical systems for complex, highly technical projects, especially those that incorporate new technology
  • Draws on meticulous, inquisitive, and collaborative nature to ensure project success and foster the electrical engineering department’s steady growth 

Relationships Measured in Decades 

Rafael has been working with Analog Devices since joining SMMA in 1984. “We’ve learned so much from working with this client for so long,” he says. “We are now returning to work on renovation assignments for projects that we originally designed.” 

“SMMA’s work in beautifying the Analog Devices campus was a major achievement from an electrical engineering and fire/alarm system perspective. There were very specific requirements, and we could not interrupt their critical operations and progress,” explains Rafael. “The end result was a huge achievement for us and established our strong reputation with this client.”   

Another long-time client that Rafael has worked with is EMC Corporation. As an electrical design engineer on SMMA’s first project for EMC in 1996, Rafael proved his technical knowledge, expertise, and overall dedication to achieving a successful outcome. As a result, he continues to serve as a lead electrical designer on all of SMMA’s technically demanding EMC projects, including those in North Carolina and California.

Building the Electrical Engineering Department  

One of Rafael’s strengths as a manger is identifying and recruiting electrical engineers who want to commit to this specific field and contribute to SMMA for the long run. “The department has grown substantially during my time at SMMA,” says Rafael. 

“The key is finding smart, energetic engineers with the skills to deal with different codes, standards, goals, and project types. We’re not a large department, which means that all engineers, even those who have recently graduated from college, have a lot of responsibilities and independence. The right engineers can grow and advance extremely quickly here at SMMA.”

“Professional development has been a critical focus of mine,” explains Rafael. “We've now reached a point where we have created a ‘new generation’ of technical leaders.”