Robert Smith

On-Site Project Manager


  • Bob brings nearly 30 years of school construction and renovation experience to SMMA’s K-12 studio
  • Serves as the On-Site Project Manager throughout the duration of the construction process, assisting with design review and day-to-day contact
  • Ensures that all projects are completed with a high quality of workmanship and on schedule

Hands-On and Involved

Bob’s many years of experience have taught him to directly engage with his clients and establish a hands-on approach:

“I never liked the idea of just sitting behind a desk. I want to be able to be actively involved in order to handle roadblocks before they develop into larger issues, so I always make sure I’m present and available. The key to a successful project is strong communication – even if it involves bad news – because at the end of the day, clients care about transparency and a clear course of action when issues arise. Therefore, I make sure I speak with the client at least once a day.”

A Lifetime in Construction

Bob’s interests in the field developed when he was as young as 12 years old. “My mom owned a property management company, so after school and on weekends I would come home and help work on the properties or with a contractor,” he explains. “I continued throughout high school working as a laborer on projects and eventually received my Associate degree in Building Construction at Wentworth Institute and became a Licensed Construction Supervisor. It’s literally all I’ve known, my entire life.”

As his career progressed, Bob discovered a passion for school projects. “It’s particularly rewarding to work on schools,” he continues. “It’s a whole other feeling when you’re doing something for the children of the communities you work with. New construction projects are especially meaningful, because then you get to see the kids light up as they come into their new schools. It truly makes their day, and in turn that makes my day!”