Ryan Farias

Vice President | Director of Marketing


  • Ryan spends his days trying to stay out of the way of SMMA's talented team of marketing, communications, and graphic design professionals
  • Works to avoid making more marketing noise
  • Believes great storytelling is the best way to connect 

Knowledge Flow

"Knowledge management and connecting people to information is the most important aspect of my job," Ryan says. "We basically spend the majority of our time identifying and crafting our best stories with the intent to help inform people and connect with new clients who are searching for answers."

"The speed of business today demands that we do better ensuring that right people have the right information at the right time. This requires a substantial investment of thought, time, and—perhaps most importantly—creativity."

Future Think

“My role at SMMA affords me the opportunity to think about what's next—be it new technology, emerging market sectors, future opportunities, anything—and help decide if it benefits our people and contributes to the firm’s goals and values," Ryan explains. "In my time in this industry, I’ve learned that AEC marketing is extremely strategic and rarely logical. My advice to other marketing professionals: Tell compelling stories, take risks and don't be afraid to fail, help people learn something new, don’t take yourself so seriously, and make sure you can prove a return on marketing investment dollars.”