Ryan McDermott



  • Ryan brings over 15 years of architecture experience to SMMA’s Federal Government studio, alongside first-hand government and military experience as a 1st Lieutenant in the U.S. Army, Massachusetts National Guard, 26th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, 211th Military Police Battalion, 772 Military Police Company
  • Lends strong leadership to design and construction teams through his ability to quickly overcome obstacles by placing emphasis on open communication, time management, and concise project direction
  • Serves as a resource for building envelope design and detailing, programming, technical problem-solving, and field CA

A Direct Approach

“I’m a problem-solver. I work well with the construction teams and getting down to the literal nuts and bolts of the project when things go wrong," Ryan explains. "Things inevitably go wrong to some degree, for a multitude of reasons. These can be existing conditions, unclear documentation, miscommunication, etc. — No project is perfectly executed. It’s the same thing in the Army, plans can change all the time and you have to remain fluid and adaptable to be successful. You identify the issue and find the appropriate solution as expediently as possible to continue moving forward.”

Ryan’s thorough analysis of his projects is coupled with active communication and trust, skills that have been refined through his large portfolio of work and his military background. “Having multiple branches of the Military as our clients, I understand how delicate their needs can be. As a soldier myself, I feel I can bridge the gap for the civilian side to better understand their needs, as well as for the Military side to understand and appreciate the civilian design process. Their trust in our experience, ability, and accuracy is a constant priority as there are always technical and very real security issues at stake. Our expertise and execution of each project helps forge that trust into a relationship where we can be relied on as a proponent for their growth."

Ryan’s work relationships are further nurtured by his diligent work ethic, leadership, time management, and personal drive to execute.

“I’m at my best when I’m forced to be meticulous and diligent with my time management. It amplifies everything for me: level of detail, focus, vision. It transforms into an internal rhythm, and things begin to really click. Everything suddenly becomes easier, so that total efficiency is locked in. That’s what I aim for on every project.”