Sarah Sopelak


Interior Designer


  • Sarah provides design and programming services for corporate clients
  • Specializes in servicing SMMA’s national accounts, working on interior fit-outs, master plans, and renovations at various project sites throughout the country
  • Coordinates client communications, presentations, and designs, as well as internal and external consultants
  • Harnesses her studious, organized, and energetic demeanor to ensure project success and maintain solid professional relationships

Attention to Detail

Sarah excels at asking clients relevant questions to determine exactly what their needs are, today and into the future.

“It takes some time to explore all the details,” she says, “but it’s the best way to deliver a final space that exceeds their expectations for functionality, purpose, and aesthetics. I enjoy the puzzle of fitting everything together.”


This is illustrated in her work for one of SMMA’s national accounts, on a project in Mount Prospect, Illinois. “We’ve been renovating this building in phases, and it’s been amazing to see it evolve as we update each small section at a time,” explains Sarah. “The schedule is tight, but with careful organization, we’ll deliver a beautiful space that the client will be proud of and that its employees will enjoy working at. That’s very rewarding.”

Passion for Creativity

Sarah’s creative side knows no limits—she pursues a range of interests that inspire and motivate her. “I’m passionate about music and dance,” she says. “These are the best de-stressors for me, and I find they contribute to the way I approach my client work. I also really enjoy participating with SMMA in the International Interior Design Association's annual fashion show.”