Sarah Traniello


Assistant Project Manager


  • Sarah is an Assistant Project Manager at SMMA, specifically supporting the Owner’s Project Management Group.
  • Assists in coordinating communication with the architect/engineer teams, construction manager, contractors, and subcontractors. 
  • Manages internal schedules, budgets, and scopes, and maintains project plans and resource planning. 
  • Provides support on research projects, record keeping, proofreading, and graphic assistance.

A Memory in the Making

Sarah has always had a passion for art and an eye for design. Her interest in art coupled with growing up during the start of computer software production led to a unique ability to combine the two as a project coordinator at SMMA.

Even as a child she fondly remembers the paintings around her house and how they eventually led to her majoring in art history, and her walks around Boston that inspired her to learn about architecture:

“On my parent’s tenth anniversary, we went to Copley Plaza to celebrate. My dad pointed out the Hancock building to me and said, ‘When they built this, those big glass panels used to fall out onto the street.’ I was immediately fascinated by how something that big could just fall apart! Ever since, I began noting details of the buildings around me.”

Education Through History

In her spare time, Sarah has taken up the study of geneaology. 

“I’m trying to trace my family back as far as possible," she explains. "So far, I've learned that my family is full of educators. They've represented huge resources to me in terms of art, history, and architecture, and they encourage me to share my knowledge."

When she’s not looking up at the buildings around her or walking around the MFA, Sarah also coaches Special Olympics bocce and bowling.