Scott Bard


Associate | Civil Engineer


  • Scott has a role in all aspects of SMMA’s projects, from early conceptual phases to construction documents and construction administration activities
  • Designs storm water management Best Management Practices (BMPs), sanitary sewer systems, site layouts, grading, and erosion and sediment control plans
  • Creates complex surfaces in AutoCAD Civil3D that aid architects and engineers in making informed design decisions
  • Develops existing and proposed hydrology models and plans
  • Experienced in federal, state, and local permitting processes

Well-Designed Spaces

Scott's many job responsibilities share a similar focus: functional sustainable design. “We constantly try to improve the condition of the Earth,” he says. “The goal is to leave the land that our projects are on in a better condition than what we started with.”

Scott also communicates with clients to ensure that SMMA’s projects are not only environmentally-friendly, but also desirable for its occupants: “We want to create spaces that people will actually use, and want others to use as well.”

Scaling Progress

Scott has always been passionate about engineering, particularly the aspect of his job that allows him to see the impacts of different designs on a larger scope.

“Working on bigger projects and seeing the large-scale changes as a result of our designs is eye-opening and rewarding,” Scott states. “Our work is constantly evolving, and it teaches us how to be better designers.”