William Park


Civil Engineer


  • Will’s responsibilities include site planning and technical design for corporate and commercial, life science, government, and civic projects 
  • Draws on his analytical and organizational skills for proposal writing, project management, and construction supervision 
  • Thrives at developing and maintaining close client relationships, especially with repeat, long-term clients 
  • Focuses on aligning successful teams and improving workflows 

Focus on Collaboration 

“Since joining SMMA, I’ve been increasingly impressed by our integrative structure. The diversity of backgrounds, skill sets, and personalities here is a true asset for our clients,” explains Will. “Individually, or as singular disciplines, we do not have the skills required to deliver a complex and large-scale project. Together, though, when we capture the depth and breadth of expertise here at SMMA, the project and client benefit greatly.”

Dependable Service

Marlborough Hills, the 100+ acre campus developed for Atlantic Management, highlights Will’s dependable and enthusiastic approach to customer services. “We’ve been building out this large campus for several years,” he says. “We permitted and designed everything to be very flexible and allow the client the opportunity to capitalize on different markets in the future, be they retail, residential, or office.”

“Long-term projects like this have their challenges; there’s such an ebb and flow to them. But the opportunity to get to know the Atlantic Management group so well, to see their business plan evolve, share in their successes, and become a trusted extension of their team—it's a great reward.”