Yanmin Ji


Project Architect


  • Yanmin's over 20 years of commitment to design integrity and project excellence enhances SMMA's Corporate and Commercial Studio, and will eventually also aid the firm's K-12 Studio
  • She ensures project success through her team leadership and coordination between disciplines
  • Designs building envelope systems, excels in exterior design, and brings integration between the exterior and interior with her spatial planning expertise
  • Applies her vast array of knowledge from working in different sectors to each project, such as her experience with academic, healthcare, corporate and commercial, science and technology, and residential buildings

Building Value

Yanmin is dedicated to providing the best possible lived experiences for her clients. “We want to provide them with a vision,” she explains. “We need to create spaces that are of value to their needs and the end-user’s needs.”

She also understands that projects are learning experiences, and the process itself accrues its own unique value: “Clients hire us for a reason, so we need to be mindful educators as well as listeners. The more we share what we know, the more opportunities the client has and the more perspectives the client gets exposure to.”

The Process of Creation

Yanmin always knew that she wanted to apply her passions for art and science towards her career. “Architecture school was the perfect combination of both,” she says. “And, of course, I like nice buildings!”

“I also, in general, love the process of creation. It’s challenging, and you will need to overcome many obstacles, but once you get to see the space you designed filled with people, it all becomes worth it. When your hard work is being utilized and enjoyed by everyone involved in the process, and even those not involved in the process, it’s one of the most rewarding experiences in the world.”