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SMMA's Kelly Papa, Assistant Project Manager

Kelly Papa

Assistant Project Manager

SMMA's Michael Pardek, AIA, Architect

Michael Pardek

Principal | Architect

SMMA's William Park, PE, CDT, Civil Engineer

William Park

Senior Associate | Civil Engineer

SMMA's Eric Peterson, AIA, Senior Project Architect

Eric Peterson

Senior Associate | Senior Project Architect

SMMA's Alex Pitkin, AIA, MCPPO, Director of Institutional Practice Studios

Alex Pitkin

Principal | Senior Vice President | Director of Institutional Practice Studios

SMMA's Phillip Poinelli, FAIA, ALEP, LEEP AP, Learning Environment Planner

Philip Poinelli

Principal | Learning Environment Planner

SMMA's Erin Prestileo, PE, Civil Engineer

Erin Prestileo

Senior Associate | Civil Engineer

SMMA's Lana Prokupets, LEED AP, Mechanical Department Manager

Lana Prokupets

Senior Associate | Mechanical Department Manager


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