Site Planning

At SMMA, land and building solutions develop holistically—the planner has the larger vision of the property in mind, as well as a timeline that envisions iterative building solutions that can be measured both in the short- and long-term—years for commercial real estate developers, decades for colleges and universities.

Flexibility is a key characteristic of SMMA’s Site Planning Group. In-house architects are involved in our projects' early conceptualization, which provides realistic, broad-brushed ideas about what building type will work on the site.


Developers often approach SMMA facing exactly this challenge. The speed with which our planners/architects/engineers can grasp site conditions and deliver an initial report can make the difference between success and failure. Our long-term involvement with the real estate industry provides us with knowledge of property types and ideal land-use options. In corporate and commercial assignments, we think like developers, always strategizing about the best use of a particular site and thereby maximizing the owner’s return on investment.

In the same vein, institutional project decisions—like where to site a new high school or higher education building—must also be made quickly. In both the public and private realms, funding is often contingent on having a feasible plan in place. As urban and suburban areas have filled out and campuses have become more dense, there are fewer possible sites for buildings—and what sites exist are often located adjacent to wetlands and other environmentally sensitive areas. Site design and planning at SMMA are focused on guiding clients through the challenging site selection and preparation process.

Marlborough Hills | 200 Forest Street Development

Transforming and Repositioning

Marlborough Hills is a successful example of SMMA, as part of a development team, envisioning and planning a mixed-use redevelopment for a client. The project’s owner, Atlantic Management Corporation, presented us with a challenge: Update an underutilized and outdated office park, focusing equally on economic viability and environmental responsibility.

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A Q&A with SMMA's Brian Lawlor

Transit-Oriented Developments: Defining Convenience

For cities, transit-friendly development is beneficial. For communities and neighborhoods in which these developments are seeking to build, reduced reliance on automobiles and increased promotion of walking, biking, and transit options benefits existing residents.

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Analog Devices

Shared Values, Shared Success

Building on a relationship that began in 1979, SMMA has remained the primary design firm for Analog Devices’ Wilmington campus, providing design services continuously for more than 35 years. In addition to the broad array of engineering and design services provided to Analog Devices over the years, SMMA has also assisted the client in expanding and master-planning its campus.

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Tewksbury Memorial High School

Model School, v2.0

In terms of its physical location, the Tewksbury Memorial High School site is highly constrained, surrounded by wetland resources and sensitive residential neighborhoods nearby. SMMA worked closely with the Town to develop the site to support school functions and blend seamlessly into the fabric of Tewksbury.

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