Corporate and Commercial

The American workplace is evolving, offering employees more collaborative, technology-rich work environments. Realizing that every client is unique, SMMA’s designers create offices and landscapes that are aligned with company culture and business needs. With each individual design, we strive to create great spaces that are healthy, productive, and enjoyable to come to each day. Sustainability, productivity, and aesthetics are hallmarks of our corporate design success.

Designed for Business Success

SMMA’s Corporate and Commercial Studio portfolio includes complex permitting, planning, and design for corporate architecture, interior design, build-to-suits, and successful asset additions for commercial property developers. Our professionals, renowned for their design excellence, have the experience and knowledge required to take on virtually any real estate challenge.

Commercial Development Metrics

SMMA’s holistic approach to commercial development goes back to the early days of the firm. We are adept at permitting complex sites, and understand the metrics of a developer’s initiativedesigning space for the maximum per-square-foot rates the market will allow. We bring the entire interdisciplinary expertise of the firm to bear on each project, creating rich and effective opportunities for collaboration across disciplines and studios.

Expert Opinion

Living for the City

The appeal of urban life in a modern context continues to grow stronger by the day. With its concentration of jobs, abundance of activities and events, availability of public transportation, and proximity to stores and shops, it is easy to see why an increasingly large demographic (historically comprising young professionals, now encompassing all age groups) is choosing the bustle of the city over the tranquility of the suburbs.

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Mark Spaulding


Principal | Senior Vice President | Director of Design

Mark provides design leadership firm-wide, working with SMMA clients and internal teams to develop creative solutions, from conceptual design to construction execution. He offers strategic direction and insight for securing community and regulatory approvals, and has extensive architectural and design experience with corporate and commercial, institutional, and advanced technology facilities.

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GoDaddy Northeast Headquarters

GoDaddy Goes Cambridge

If you’ve watched the Super Bowl, you know GoDaddy: The company is nearly as renowned for its annual boundary-pushing advertisement, which makes waves every year during the Big Game, as for the services it provides. For their Northeast headquarters, the client's directive was simple and egalitarian: Make the views accessible to everyone and democratize the space so that there are no private offices.

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Marie Fitzgerald


Principal | Senior Vice President | Director of Interior Design

Marie leads the firm’s integrated design teams, working on a diverse range of projects from office interiors to advanced technology environments. As the head of the Interior Design Group, she challenges her teams to seek solutions from inside and outside the client organization by importing best practices and applying technology transfer from one client sector to another.

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Keurig Headquarters

Caffeination Meets Innovation

For their new world headquarters in Burlington, Keurig challenged SMMA to design a “beacon of innovation” – a corporate campus that announces itself as home to an idea-driven company with a culture of social responsibility, fair trade, and a casual workplace environment.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island Corporate Headquarters

Designing to Context

Providence is a beautiful city—big, but not overwhelming; historic, but increasingly modern; progressive, but true to its roots. When SMMA was commissioned by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island, one of the largest employers in the state, to design its new 327,000-square-foot headquarters, in the heart of Providence’s Capital Center Improvement District, the defining characteristics of this “Beehive of Industry” were among the driving factors influencing our design thinking.

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Modern Living, Smart-Growth Development

Zinc—and Cambridge’s NorthPoint neighborhood, in general—is founding a new trend by intersecting open-space urban living with a wide range of car-free connections. Situated on 2.4 acres, the development serves as an entry point and western anchor of NorthPoint, comprising 528,000 gross square feet across 392 residential units. From the outset, Zinc was planned as a showpiece for NorthPoint—something that residents would welcome and take pride in, and that would be memorable and impressive to visitors.

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