Life Science

Technology advancements and healthcare reform are disrupting the traditional methods of delivering, improving, and paying for medical services. These changes deeply inform the architecture of hospitals, clinics, and Life Science research facilities. Because of their experience and current immersion in the field, SMMA’s sector experts integrate the evolving state of Life Science disciplines into our work.


SMMA's architects, engineers, and planners apply their knowledge to turn today’s life science challenges into opportunities. This begins with a solid understanding of the subject matter, research, best practices, trends, and technology. The depth of our experience and the integration of design disciplines means that there is no learning curve when taking on complex projects and mitigating risk for our clients.

Portfolio Depth

Our Life Science portfolio ranges from research hubs and academic medical centers to health science R&D campuses, laboratories, and pharmaceutical manufacturing spaces. For each, we balance functionality and aesthetic goals to design facilities that nurture both the human body and its resilient spirit.

GE Healthcare Life Sciences Northeast Headquarters

People-Focused Design

In establishing its new Northeast headquarters, GE Healthcare Life Sciences had a clearly defined goal in mind: Consolidate operations, and, in the process, create better efficiencies and a strong collaborative culture.

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Expert Opinion

Target-Value Design

Target Value Design (TVD) is associated more specifically with the Lean process, which, as many people know, has its roots in manufacturing. TVD was developed to provide the best value to the Owner. Maybe it's a matter of nomenclature, or maybe I'm just old-school, but I don't view it as a TVD process—rather, I see it as designing to cost.

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Taget Value Design

Adrian Walters


Senior Project Architect | Director of Life Science Studio

Adrian is responsible for leading the firm's Life Science Studio. He applies his architectural and scientific expertise towards lab planning and design, sustainability, outreach, and thought leadership within the firm. He also provides a balanced and holistic vision for each initiative, particularly paying attention to long-term goals for both the team and the client.

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Lexington Technology Park | Shire

Revolutionaries of Life Science, Stewards of the Land

From SMMA’s first site visit, we were cognizant of the scope and importance of the property: This area served as a global headquarters to a major corporation focused on defending the country. Although the landscape and the buildings were of a different era, they were unique.

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Jessica Smith


Principal | Director of Technology Studio | Project Manager

Jessica leads SMMA's Technology Studio, and also assists clients in master planning, programming, design, and construction administration, focusing on highly technical spaces such as clean rooms and data centers. She draws on her architectural, engineering, and business administration backgrounds to manage the design of renovation, new construction, and tool hook-up projects for SMMA’s technology, corporate and commercial, and life science clients.

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