Work Meets Well-Being

Blue Sky Center
Burlington, MA

Developers Nordblom had long attracted a stream of companies to Blue Sky Center, a multi-tenant corporate campus outside of Boston. But with workplace patterns permanently altered by the pandemic, the space’s traditional concourse had become obsolete—and new tenants harder to come by. 

The new, reimagined Blue Sky campus reflects the reality of workplace today: one that prizes workers’ wellbeing above all. The soon-to-be-renovated campus will provide a constellation of experiences, with amenities and shared spaces that enhance collaboration, promote mindfulness, and provide a touch of hospitality for every worker. 

“Workplace amenities used to be a box-checking exercise," says Crosby Nordblom, Senior VP at Nordblom Company. "But with office workers now having the power of choice as to how and where they spend their time, we need to be hyper-focused on the employee experience. People want a unique work environment that elevates their productivity and enhances their wellbeing.” 

Above: Click and drag to explore Blue Sky Center with 360-degree views, still renderings, and an interactive floor plan.

Like a college campus, Blue Sky fosters a single community from a disparate group of individuals. Common areas, from lounges and coffee bars to Zen-inspired gardens, serve as catalysts for cross-company interactions. Workplace meals become social events, with spacious indoor and outdoor dining areas that provide a stage for casual get-togethers.

Food hall with three dining options at Blue Sky campus in Burlington, MA

Above: Inspired by the rich choice of dining found in city centers,  a new food hall offers a global mix from pizza and sous vide to salads, grain bowls and tacos. 

These shared spaces can accommodate both work and leisure, depending on the needs of workers throughout the day. In the multi-purpose “UpFlow” room, wrap-around sound and vision walls sync to workers’ standard desktop apps to take presentations to the next level. Elsewhere, casual conference rooms transform into ping-pong and cornhole areas, while a tucked-away speakeasy offers an intimate spot for private work or small gatherings.

Multi-purpose brain bar for coffee and cocktails at Blue Sky Center

Above: Operated by Craft Food Halls, this immersive space transforms from a coffee lounge in the morning to host cocktail events in the evening that spill out onto the concourse

The design takes workers’ physical and mental wellbeing seriously. In common areas, LED walls cater for the multiple sensory changes needed at different times of day. New spaces include a fitness center with sign-up group classes. Mindfulness rooms with soft lighting, soothing soundscapes, and Himalayan salt walls allow workers to unwind alone or enjoy massages, manicures, and guided meditations.  

Blue Sky Center Heartbeat Lounge with specialty lighting and soft seating

Above: The “Heartbeat Lounge” with dropped wood veneer ceiling, specialty lights, and soft seating is a retreat for work and leisure. 

With SMMA’s new design, Blue Sky Center competes with living rooms and high-end hotels. It delivers the diverse experiences that employees demand, with programming that builds energy and multi-functional spaces that proactively engage with occupants.

Crosby Nordblom

Senior VP, Nordblom Company