Brand-Infused Design

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals at 101 Main Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals is a developer of novel therapeutics based on RNA interference, a biopharmaceutical innovator based in one of the country’s most desirable office clusters for technology and innovation, Cambridge’s Kendall Square. The company engaged SMMA to lead an office interior design transformation, essentially revitalizing a two-star office space into one more commensurate with its five-star location.

The project necessitated a coordinated delivery approach, to accommodate both a condensed schedule and the client’s rapid growth. SMMA’s integrated composition allowed its interior design team and MEP engineers to always be on the same page, working together and sharing ideas in pursuit of the optimal outcome.

Rethinking What's Possible

SMMA set about reimagining the interior office design — formerly home to a medical liability insurer, a completely different user type — with a focus on innovation and alignment with Alnylam’s brand and vision. The space had not undergone any meaningful renovation in twenty-plus years, so SMMA had to work within the confines of the base building shell. The client prioritized a design that encouraged employee collaboration while simultaneously accounting for individual needs.

SMMA’s designers created an open-office plan that provides equitable access to stunning panoramic vantages of the Charles River and Boston skyline. The space is hallmarked by flexible workstations, a variety of conferencing areas and private offices, and a multi-purpose group meeting space with movable walls and varied seating options. As Alnylam’s vision evolved throughout the design process, SMMA’s interior designers and engineers worked together to overcome coordination issues and integrate MEP solutions.

Bringing the Story to Life

From the outset, Alnylam favored the concept of a branded office journey – they wanted the “feel” of their new home to complement their aspirations for the future, as well as promote commitment from their employees.

Teaming with the client’s Marketing Group, SMMA created visuals that bring Alynlam’s story to life. From high brand graphics and inspirational quotes, to pops of bright color and varied textures, Alnylam’s identity is reflected throughout the office.

The Value of IPD

The result for the client is a space that positions them well for future growth – one that advances their culture and corporate identity, and promotes the ideals to which they aspire.

For SMMA, this project embodies the value of its integrated project-delivery approach. Having all areas of expertise under one roof resulted in a streamlined design process, allowing the firm to meet Alnylam’s goals on an accelerated timeline and react to the needs of their various stakeholders.

“The SMMA team was a delight – their sense of urgency and attention to detail allowed them to handle unforeseen circumstances without losing any time. SMMA’s full-service approach to design and engineering resulted in an efficient workflow that was critical in supporting Alnylam’s growth.”

Chrissy Gabriel, Associate Director of Capital Projects, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals