Bringing It Up to Code

Millennium Bostonian Hotel Retro-Commissioning
Boston, Massachusetts

The Millennium Bostonian Hotel is a high-rise hotel that, although extensively renovated in recent years, had never passed required smoke control acceptance testing with the Boston Fire Department. The Hotel enlisted SMMA to retro-commission its life safety and smoke control systems, to obtain both acceptance by the Boston Fire Department and a certificate of occupancy from the Boston Inspectional Services Department.

SMMA worked closely with the Hotel and Fire Department to assess and resolve a range of complex technical issues that were limiting the proper operation of the building’s smoke control systems. This effort included the design and approval of a City-mandated master smoke control panel in the Hotel’s fire command station, for emergency control of the building’s systems. It also involved developing a rigorous commissioning plan, based on National Fire Protection Association testing protocols, to perform the necessary operational acceptance tests, which were witnessed by the Boston Fire Department. 

SMMA met monthly with City code enforcement officials to provide updates on the project’s status and findings, which allowed the Hotel to continue to operate safely until the project was complete. Involving code officials as much as possible not only helped them understand our objective, but ultimately benefited the overall success of the project.


With limited resources from the original construction process, SMMA was able to work with the City of Boston, the Hotel, and qualified contractors to ensure that the building received its certificate of occupancy in the winter of 2014.