Clearing the Air

Biogen Idec Air-Handling Unit Replacement
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

To a company like Biogen Idec, a global leader in the development of therapeutic solutions for a variety of diseases, optimal performance of equipment is vitally important. In 2014, the company hired SMMA to replace four of its cleanroom air-handling units, critical components of their infrastructure that support their cleanroom operations, at their Research Triangle Park location in Durham, North Carolina. 

The units ranged in size from 20,000 cubic feet per minute (CFM) to 40,000, and utilized supply-fan arrays to provide fan redundancy. Along with replacing the existing air-handling units, SMMA worked closely with the client to understand their design standards, which allowed us to create process and identification drawings (P&IDs) for the units and associated systems.

We divided the project into two phases, two air-handling units per phase. The replacement of the Phase One units had to be completed over a short period of time, to avoid downtime. Because of the condensed installation period, SMMA worked closely with a custom air-handling unit manufacturer, Environmental Air Systems, to ensure that all design requirements were met and that the new units would fit in the existing available space.

SMMA also participated in the air-handling unit factory acceptance tests, to ensure that the units met all design specifications and performance criteria. The two units in the first phase were replaced and set successfully over a long weekend.

Watch air move through the air-handling unit.