A Connected Workplace

CRICO Headquarters
Boston, MA

The Controlled Risk Insurance Company (CRICO) is, by the nature of its business, measured, focused, balanced. A provider of liability coverage for medical professionals for more than 40 years, the company engaged SMMA to assist in relocating its headquarters and developing a space both reflective of its ideals and balanced in its layout.

The SMMA design team began by presenting the client with a number of potential sites and fit plans, helping CRICO weigh the pros and cons of each, with the end goal of determining the ideal spot from which to grow its business.

The company ultimately selected the Van Ness Building in Boston's Fenway neighborhood as its new home, positioning it in proximity to its numerous medical clients—a luxury not afforded by its former headquarters in Cambridge. 


Crico Headquarters

The new space exploits the location's access to natural light, with floor-to-ceiling windows providing occupants unfettered views of the city and allowing them to feel connected to the vibrance of the area beyond the confines of the office.

Breaking Away

Taking CRICO's security requirements into consideration, SMMA's design incorporated private workstations that afford user privacy, as well as more public spaces that allow for group meetings and training sessions. Huddle spaces, complemented by inviting sofas and lounge chairs, provide opportunities for employees to "break away" from their desks, and an open café promotes informal socialization and accommodates various office events.

Timeless and Contemporary

Using a palette of soft, warm tones, and employing splashes of color where appropriate, SMMA aimed to create an atmosphere of understated elegance and comfort. Each detail, from the lighting in the entryway to the glass slots added in the millwork, was carefully chosen to achieve a feel both timeless and contemporary.