Designing for Student-Centered Learning in North Carolina

J.W. York Elementary School
Raleigh, NC

We are working with Skinner Farlow Kirwin of Raleigh, North Carolina, on the school programming and design for York Elementary School. The school, located in Raleigh's Brookhaven subdivision, itself in the Crabtree Creek Watershed, sits on 14.6 acres adjacent to Brookhaven Nature Park. The new elementary school will serve grades K-5, with an enrollment of 636 students.

One of the main goals for York Elementary School was to enhance the client’s standards and introduce environments that promote the development of 21st century skills including: communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, global citizenship, and others. The building is being designed with flexibility, adaptability, and the integration of technology in mind, both within and between grade level classrooms and through adjacencies with newly implemented learning commons. These key elements support a student-centered learning experience that is inviting, engaging, relevant, robust, and dynamic.