Identity Refresh

100C | 100 Cambridge Street
Boston, Massachusetts

Despite the fact that Boston remains one of the hottest real estate markets in the country, attracting high-quality tenants continues to pose a significant challenge to building owners and developers.

Engaged by Intercontinental Real Estate Corporation to assist in finding the right occupants for their 100 Cambridge Street property, SMMA eschewed the traditional role of architect in favor of serving as a fully integrated design and marketing partner in the overall "refresh" of the building. 

100 Cambridge Street is a 22-story, Class A-rated, mixed-use high-rise, geographically situated in the city's Government Center district. Its location affords it easy access—a straight shot across the Longfellow Bridge—to Cambridge's Kendall Square, one of the most highly sought-after office clusters in the world. It is also a short walk from the Bowdoin, Government Center, and Charles/MGH MBTA stations, among other public transit options.

Birth of a Brand

In approaching the project, SMMA's integrated team of marketing, interiors, and graphic design professionals considered the building as a "brand."100 Cambridge Street was opened in 1965 as the Leverett Saltonstall Building—in honor of the former U.S. senator and 55th governor of the Commonwealth—and primarily served state and governmental tenants. Intercontinental sought for the property a more modern persona—one that would usher in a new era in the building's 50+-year history. From that consideration, the new brand was born: 100C. The team set about creating a series of identity concepts that would best encapsulate the personality that the building sought to convey, eventually settling on one built around the following three words: "impact, nexus, and culture." 

Lobby & Courtyard Experience

In addition to developing the brand and creating marketing collateral to attract tenants, the project involved redesigns of the building's lobby space and exterior courtyard. The client wanted a lobby that would be easily navigable for tenants and visitors alike—accented by the newly created 100C logo and hallmarked by clear, logical wayfinding—and an outdoor park/plaza well integrated into the confines of the neighborhood that would provide moments of green space in a heavily urban area.

The team worked in concert to ensure consistency between the interior and exterior spaces, designing a coherent user experience that reinforced the 100C brand.

Marketing Suite

On an upper floor of the building, SMMA developed a “marketing suite,” meant to serve as a showcase for potential tenants to imagine all of the possibilities that work life at 100C could entail. 

The suite capitalizes on the building’s expansive views of Boston and Cambridge, featuring decals shaped as location “pins” on the windows that show famous landmarks in proximity to the building, as well as mini-stories that provide facts and interesting anecodotes under the heading, "Did You Know?"

The space epitomizes the word "impactful," inviting visitors to consider the potential that 100C holds for their business needs, placing them at the nexus of history, culture, and convenience.

100C is a shining example of the ways in which the multidisciplinary practice model can benefit owners and projects of all types, integrating various in-house areas of expertise in the delivery of a comprehensive solution.


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