A Landscape of Modernity

5 Technology Park Drive | The Gutierrez Company
Westford, Massachusetts
The venue: A dated suburban office building
The challenge: Make it attractive to modern users

This was SMMA’s charge with 5 Technology Park Drive. Over the years, shifting attitudes toward workplace culture and desired first impressions evolved beyond the current state of the building and site. The Gutierrez Company commissioned SMMA to take a fresh look at the property from an architectural and landscape perspective, to devise a plan to increase its presence, create better connections to the surrounding environment, and develop an amenity package to appeal to the modern office worker.

Our first goal was to give tenants and visitors a clear, beautiful approach to the building. The original circulation pattern—coupled with a very mature, heavy landscape—obscured the front door from view for those approaching the site. SMMA repositioned the approach by creating a new circulation pattern that directs users straight towards the main entrance. We also selectively removed or relocated mature plantings and repositioned parking to remove visual clutter from the front of the entrance. 

The resulting space was developed into a welcoming plaza, with banks of water-efficient, low plantings; sculptural planting beds; seating; and new lighting.

A Connection to Nature

Our site designers also added a generous, direct pedestrian connection alongside the reconfigured entrance road. The structure and shape of the plaza correlate with SMMA’s impressive new architectural façade at the door, both serving to visually draw users in.

The surrounding environs of the building are composed of mature woodlands and adjacent commercial and retail establishments. Modern employers demand connectivity and opportunities for workers to venture out of the office.

Breath of Fresh Air

SMMA reimagined pedestrian circulation throughout the site, proposing new, handicapped accessible connections that link the building with its surroundings. We also studied outdoor amenity space and developed an outdoor lounge area directly adjacent to the building, with space for café-style seating, couches and chairs, and a communal fire pit.  

The newly redefined space impresses upon visitors that the location, while focused on business, is dedicated to promoting a positive, nurturing work environment.