Setting Roadway Safety into Motion

Cambridge Mobile Telematics
Cambridge, MA

SMMA is helping Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) emerge from its current location at the Cambridge Innovation Center to establish its own headquarters through our Interior Design workplace expertise, alongside Engineering and Graphic Design expertise. The growing company, whose mission is to “make the world’s roads safer using mobile sensing and IoT, machine learning, and behavioral science,” will occupy a full floor of a new building located at 314 Main Street in Kendall Square, Cambridge. The move is as symbolic as it is strategic: CMT’s founders were both MIT professors, and are committed to providing an innovative and engaging culture for their staff and visitors.

Due to their engineering-focused mission, CMT’s office design needed to remain utilitarian while also subtlety reflecting their brand to create distinct public and employee experiences. Thus, SMMA’s interior designers focused on incorporating elements of speed and movement. This resulted in winding carpet patterns, meeting and collaboration spaces, and a lively work café complete with flexible seating and installation art. The colors used throughout the space also represent CMT’s brand: their dominant colors remain the focus, only disrupted by pops of their warmer, secondary colors through furniture and graphics selections.

A key interior design feature of the new office is the use of environmental graphics, which were developed to reinforce the varying functions of the floor plan. To highlight the client’s technological prowess, a projector displays catered media on the floor in front of the main elevator. Additionally, concepts for the office’s public-facing areas incorporate the cities where CMT has worked, including large dimensional maps of Kendall Square and MIT suspended from the ceiling in both the reception and work café areas. Other suggested graphics include enlarged product patents outside of their IoT lab, extrapolated data forming the imagery of cars and roadways, four global time zone maps in each conference room that display the times of specific major cities, and hanging anamorphic sculptures that change shape at different angles. These clever visuals and optical illusions embody CMT’s growing technology as they continue to engage, incentivize, and improve drivers around the world.


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